About FairGolfMatch.Com

FairGolfMatch.Com is owned and was developed by John Peters of Decatur, Alabama. All code for the data storage and calculations portion of the program was developed by Ed Zinkiewicz of EZ-Solutions, Nashville, TN. Our site was originally developed as a replacement for several old (ancient?) programs that had been used for years by golfers at various clubs in Alabama to pick teams for their golf matches.

John Peters accepted the challenge to develop a new program in a mobile, Windows environment. When the idea grew to include sharing the program nationally with many clubs, courses, and organizations, it was decided to create the new program as a cloud-based service. This option makes the program available to members of all golf clubs and courses without having to distribute, maintain, and police individual programs. It also allows members to use the program when away from their home course wherever an Internet connection is available.

FairGolfMatch.Com has proven to be very effective for selecting fair, evenly matched teams for most types of golf matches where a large number of golfers may participate.  Arguments and heated "discussions" have decreased dramatically at the clubs and courses using the program. Subscribing golf professionals appreciate being removed from the personal aspect of selecting golf teams on a daily basis.  They just enter the golfers who are playing, select the team size, and print the list of teams.


FairGolfMatch.Com removes individual opinions, preferences, and prejudices from the team selection process for a golf match.  Any member can set up a match simply by entering the golfers who will be participating.  There is no influence or bullying by a golfer or group of golfers who want to "stack" a team for their personal benefit.  Team selection is quick, easy, and accurate.  Players might be dissatisfied with their teams, but it is difficult to complain because the computer is entirely impersonal in the selection process, and it is very difficult to argue with a computer.