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The only golfer in Demo Country Club who has individual statistics to review is Mr. Ima Visitor, the first name in the list of golfers. All members of Demo Country Club have golfer ratings so that you can try the match making portion of the program.

You can also take a quick tour of FairGolfMatch.Com by viewing our Quick Tour link. Please click the How Do I - FAQ's links for specific instructions about using FairGolfMatch.Com

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Individual users of FairGolfMatch.Com can access their personal information, enter summary scores for themselves, view scores of other golfers at each course they are signed up for, and create teams for matches at any course they are playing.

You must be an individual or group member of FairGolfMatch.Com to use the Match Making portion of our web site. If your club or course is not currently subscribed to FairGolfMatch.Com, please ask your golf professional or course manager to contact us regarding a group membership, or join FairGolfMatch.Com as an individual.

Please contact us to see how your golf association can try a Risk Free Evaluation of FairGolfMatch.Com at your club or course.

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