FairGolfMatch.Com charges a small subscription fee for its services. We believe this is preferable to annoying pop-up ads or commercial messages on our web site. We want you to concentrate on your golf game, not advertisements, when you use our site.

The regular price for an individual subscription to FairGolfMatch.Com is $8.00/year. Volume discounts are available to clubs and golf groups based on the number of golfers enrolled at one time from each course or club. 

Please contact us to learn how your course or club can try a Risk Free Evaluation of FairGolfMatch.Com.

Individual Members                                   $8.00/member

10-49 Members                                         $6.00/member

50+ Members                                            $5.00/member

100% Club or Course Participation           $4.00/member

Membership fees allow members of FairGolfMatch.Com access to all areas and features of our program. Fees cover the cost of web hosting, program improvements and updates, and help with setup of new golf courses, clubs, and individual members. 

All fees must be received and verified before we can enroll you, your club, or your course at FairGolfMatch.Com. 

Fees are non-refundable and allow the use of FairGolfMatch.Com services for a period of one year from the date you are entered in our system. Renewals will be billed 30 days before the expiration of your agreement term. 

Please Note: FairGolfMatch.Com stores data for each golf round of its members, and uses this information to determine the fairest combination of players for team play. All scoring data is entered by you and your fellow golfers. FairGolfMatch.Com makes no representation as to the accuracy of any of the information entered into our database. We assume our services are being used by honest players and that the scores and information is entered accurately and honestly. 

FairGolfMatch.Com is not intended to encourage or facilitate gambling in any way. It is soley designed to help create evenly matched teams for golf matches, and to calculate the results of those matches.

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