FairGolfMatch.Com allows you to list as many courses as you wish, and to enter scores for each course you play. Courses can be added from existing courses in our FGM database, or you can enter a new course yourself, then add it to our course database and your list of courses you play.

The USGA course number is required for entry of a new golf course. It is a identifying number assigned to the course by the USGA, and is used as part of a course member's GHIN handicap number. Our experience has shown that most workers at a course do not know this number. Usually you will need to ask the club pro for this number. You can also get the number from the first segment of a course member's handicap card, if available.

If you click on the Golf Club name, you will be taken to it's web site (if the web address has been entered into the course information when the course was entered into FairGolfmatch.Com). Clubs with more than one course will have a separate listing for each course.

To find a particular course quickly from a long list of courses, you can search by city, state, or both.

Once you locate your golf course or club of interest, you can click the appropriate selection buton view information about the course, or you can go to a list of golfers who are subscribed to FairGolfMatch.com at the course.

The Course List