FairGolfMatch.Com is an Cloud-based software program designed to select fair golf teams for fair golf matches. We serve the same purpose for team matches that the USGA’s GHIN system serves for matches between individual golfers. 

Maintain golfer Match Ratings (not handicaps) for selection of evenly matched teams for best ball, 2-ball, 3-ball, or dogfight point golf matches at your course. Visiting golfers from other clubs are easily accommodated in matches.

Match Ratings give highest emphasis to the number of birdies made during a round. Dogfight Ratings are based on dogfight points earned in previous rounds.

Determine complete match results between all teams. Calculations are available for best ball, 2-ball, and 3-ball matches, with or without automatic presses. Team pars, birdies and eagles are automatically calculated; “greenies”, “sandies”, and other “trash” are entered manually. Complete and summarized scores are maintained on-line for each listed golfer.

FairGolfMatch.Com supports multiple matches each day for golfers at a club. Scores and match results are available for peer review by anyone.

FairGolfMatch.Com can be used anywhere Internet access is available, including a cell phone. The program is ideal for determining match teams and dogfight ratings on golf outings away from your home course. You always use the most current version of the program.There are no upgrades to wait for or install, and no concern of losing your program or data due to a computer crash.

Permanently maintain detailed scores and stats for all courses you play. Stats include greens in regulation, putts, fairways hit, drive length, sand saves, etc. A detailed analysis of your statistics is always available for review, allowing your teaching pro to easily track your progress and to determine areas of your game needing improvement. 

Maintain an on-line personal golf notebook for you and your instructor. Track your thoughts, lessons, equipment changes, etc

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