Manage Dogfight Points and Dogfights

FairGolfMatch.Com calculates a dogfight quota for each golfer based on their past performance. The dogfight rating is the point quota used to calculate teams for matches and individual competitions based on dogfight points. It is based on the average number of dogfight points that the golfer makes during their rounds, and serves as their quota for the current dogfight. The Dogfight Rating is based on an average of a golfer's last 6 and last 30 rounds. This takes into account both overall scoring ability and recent trends in scoring.

Dogfight points are assigned as follows:

  Par                         2 points

  Birdie                     4 points

  Eagle                     8 points

Bogey                    1 point

  Unmentionable      0 points

FairGolfMatch.Com can generate point quotas for individual golfers or for teams of golfers.  Teams can be determined by equalizing dogfight points or randomly.  

Dogfights are set up in exactly the same way as golf matches are set up, except that you select Dogfight from the far left menu on the List Golfers page.  Score entry is also done the same way as for golf team matches.  For a video tutorial for setting up a new golf match (and hence setting up a new dogfight), see How do I create golf match teams.