FairGolfMatch.Com calculates a golf handicap for golfers who use the program to maintain their scores. The FGM handicap is very similar to a USGA handicap and uses basically the same calculations to determine a golfer's handicap.

A golfer's handicap is calculated using the lowest ten of the golfer's last twenty rounds.  The handicap is basically the difference between the USGA course rating and the golfer's average score.  This difference is then adjusted for the slope (degree of difficulty) of the course and then multipled by a small reducing factor.  This is very similar to the system usd by the USGA and a golfer's FGM handicap and USGA handicap should be very close to the same number. 

A golfer must login using his personal login and password to see his FGM Handicap.  No other handicaps will be available for him to see.  Once logged in, simply click on the Handicap button on the far left menu of FairGolfMatch.Com to see your handicap information. 

Handicaps should be used to equalize stroke play tournaments where low net scores are used.  Handicaps are not especially useful for team match play, because pars and bogeys are not nearly as instrumental in winning a hole as are birdies and eagles.  In addition, some golfers "pad" their scores when they are out of the competition on a hole, in order to raise their handicap to gain an unfair competitive advantage.. 

FairGolfMatch.Com's golfer match rating accounts for these differences and serves as a form of match play handicap for a golfer.

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