FairGolfMatch.Com is a golf scorekeeping system that lets you easily record a summary or a detailed scoring record of each round of golf you play. 

FairGolffMatch.Com tracks your scores as well as the number of eagles, birdies, pars, bogies, and "unmentionables" for each round you play. You can also view a summary of your statistics for your last six rounds and your last 30 rounds. FGM is a tool to track your golf play over an extended period of time, noting trends in your scores and in individual areas of your game.

If you choose to record Detailed Scores, FairGolfMatch.Com can become a very useful golf teaching tool that will allow your teaching professional to follow your progress through the golf season and to develop a lesson strategy specifically tailored to the needs of your game.

FairGolfMatch.Com also provides a personal Golf Notebook for each user. This allows the golfer to keep notes on any topic he wants, with any degree of detail wanted. You can record those tips and swing thoughts that work instead of forgetting them before you play again.

Summary Scores show the number of pars, birdies, eagles, bogeys, and "other: recorded by a golfer during a round.  Summary scores are entered automatically each time a golfer's score is entered after a match.  The score is entered on a hole by hole basis for calculation of match results.  Scoring information is stored automatically as a detailed score.  A golfer can edit a summary score later to include much more information about his round to create a detailed score.

Detailed Scores show a golfer's score on a hole by hole basis in relation to par.  It also allows a golfer to record number of putts, greens in regulations, fairways hit, bunkers hit, sand saves, drive length on long holes, and penalty strokes.  Golfers can analyze their game by the number of recent rounds played or by date.  Detailed scoring is an excellent way to determine and monitor the strengths and weaknesses of your golf game as well as to chart your progress over the course of the golf season..

Manage Your Scores and Golf Stats