FairGolfMatch.Com creates golf matches and teams based on the true abilities and previous competitive scores of the selected participants to provide evenly talented teams. No longer do you do have to deal with "loaded" teams of opponents who "just want to play on the same team" (not to mention they want a better chance to win your money). No more hearing "I'm a 6 handicap, but I'm really playing bad right now and I need strokes".  No person controls team formation for personal gain.  Don't like the teams?  Blame the computer!

FairGolfMatch.Com tracks each player's performance and creates teams based on facts, not opinions and wishes.

FairGolfMatch.Com allows evenly matched teams to be created from a large group of golfers with a wide variety of handicaps and skill levels.

FairGolfMatch.Com determines match pairings and teams based on the weighted results of each player's last six rounds and last 30 rounds of golf. Primary emphasis is placed on a player's last six rounds. Results are based primarily on the numbers of pars, birdies, and eagles a player makes during each round since these scores are most likely to determine match results. Total scores are also taken into consideration, but are weighted lightly to avoid the "sandbagging" factor.

This method gives a good picture of how a golfer is playing at present as well as how he has played in the past. A golfer's rating is adjusted for the slope and course rating at his home course, and is applicable at any course where he plays.

The method used to calculate a golfer's individual rating has proven to be very effective in selecting teams for best-ball, 2-ball, and 3-ball matches.

FairGolfMatch.Com allows the choice of 2, 3, 4, and 5-player teams. Potential matches can be compared based on team size before final teams are selected.

Selected matches are rated as "Excellent", "Good", "Fair", and "Not A Good Match" based on the total rating of each selected team.

Individual scores are easily and quickly entered by team so that match results can be calculated at the end of a round. Golfers do not need to enter detailed scoring summaries of their rounds to maintain a Golfer Rating for team and match selection. A Summary Score showing the number of eagles, birdies, pars, bogies, and "unmentionables" can be entered for each round if detailed statistics are not desired.

Select 2, 3, 4, and 5 Person Teams for Golf Matches